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Discover the Kingspan building insulation range and the exclusive TIDL Tarecphen range

ISOPARTNER Ierland offers a range of building insulation products from Kingspan but also partners with Kingspan Tarec to produce a range of PIR and Phenolic insulation products under the TIDL Tarecphen range exclusively in Ireland.  With TIDL Tarecphen we can offer PIR and Phenolic Pipe Sections and Pipe Supports that are custom made for the Irish market.  

In partnership with Kingspan Tarec, we can offer a complete technical backup to contractors, engineers and architects as well bespoke solutions to technical insulation requirements. Kingspan also offer a range of FM approved Phenolic Pipe Sections and Pipe Supports.

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TIDL Tarecphen – Phenolic Pipe Section

TIDL Tarecphen Phenolic Pipe Section is a HVAC & Building Services Pipe Insulation.  TIDL Tarecphen Pipe Insulation comprises of sections of phenolic pipe insulation faced with a factory-applied foil vapour barrier jacket.  TIDL Tarecphen Pipe Insulation is CE marked in accordance with EN 14314 and is CFC/HCFC free.

TIDL Tarecphen Pipe Insulation is cut from block using high technology profile cutters and can be manufactured to suit any pipe diameter and insulation thickness. It is supplied in 1 metre lengths and can be used on mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and plastic pipework. The standard density of TIDL Tarecphen Pipe insulation is 37 kg/m3.

TIDL Tarecphen Phenolic Pipe Sections are custom made in Ireland and can be manufactured for any pipe size and thickness.

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TIDL Tarecphen – Phenolic Pipe Supports

TIDL Tarecphen Insulated Pipe Supports provide optimal load bearing capacity whilst offering protection against insulation compression. They will support the compressive loads imposed by pipework carrying water or other liquids.

The TIDL Tarecphen complete pipe insulation system, comprising pipe insulation and insulated pipe support, achieves a BL-s1, d0 classification to EN 13501-1 when tested under the European Fire Classification System (Euro class) for `reaction to fire’.

TIDL Tarecphen Phenolic Pipe Supports are custom made in Ireland and can be manufactured for any pipe size and thickness within the recommended tolerances. 


Kingspan Kooltherm FM Pipe Insulation

Kooltherm FM Pipe Insulation offers many advantages to the specifying engineer, the M&E contractor, the installer, the building services manager and the facilities manager as well the property developer and the building owner who all seek a highly effective and long term energy saving solution.

Kooltherm FM Pipe Insulation System is a complete thermal insulation system for pipe work in building services / HVAC, process and petrochemical applications and refrigeration services.

Kooltherm FM Pipe Insulation comprises sections of Kooltherm FM Insulation faced with a factory-applied foil vapour barrier jacket bonded to the insulation core during manufacture.

Our range of products have been used in a wide variety of projects in Ireland

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