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Klasse group

Insulation Tapes & Adhesives

Klasse is our supplier for building insulation Tapes & Adhesives. These products are designed to provide zero permeability and to weatherproof HVAC, and industrial applications. The Klasse Insulation range offers superior resistance to weathering, mould, UV and extreme environmental conditions.

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KlasseFOIL™ Aluminium Foil Tape

KlasseFOIL™ Aluminium Foil Tape consists of a nominal 30 micron (1.2 mil) high tensile strength aluminium foil backing, protected by an easy-release silicone release paper and had a cold weather acrylic sensitive adhesive


  • Excellent reflection of both heat and light
  • Good ageing resistance 
  • Strong adhesion and holding power
  • Excellent sealing and patching performance

KlasseTAPE™ PVC Barrier Tape

KlasseTAPE™ PVC Barrier Tape is Heavy-duty, weather-resistant tape, which is easy to tear. This self-adhesive tape is designed for isolation dissimilar metals to prevent electrolytic reactions.