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Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection at ISOPARTNER Ireland

We are the leading distributor of specialist Fire Stopping products for applications including floor & wall compartmentation, suspended ceiling void fire barriers, raised computer floor fire barriers, structural steel fire protection & timber floor fire protection.

We offer technical advice to professionals and specialist fire contractors on the most appropriate method of fire stopping for a wide variety of construction applications.

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Fully tested fire systems for BS 476 standards

All our products are fully tested fire systems to the relevant BS 476 standards and our technical department will assist in determining the correct product for any fire stopping situation. We offer on-site assistance to contractors and we conduct specialist fire stopping training schools to ensure that all of our products are installed correctly and in accordance with the relevant manufacturer's recommendations.

Our unique range of fire stopping products includes Rockwool, Siderise, Promat Boards, and Protecta mortar & Protecta batt Compartmentation systems.

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Siderise firefloorsystems

Siderise firefloor systems (previously called Lamatherm) provide a simple and cost effective method of increasing the fire resistance of a compartment timber floor for both newly constructed and existing constructions. The system comprises a close dimensioned lamella insulation slab which is constructed from a pre-compressed internal mineral fibre core and integral Class 0 aluminium foil facings. The facings act as a smoke barrier.

The slabs that are supplied for the firefloor system come in sheet form and are easy to cut on site before installing between the floors’ timber joists. They are fixed in place using brackets which are simply nailed to the joists to provide all necessary support. Four system options are available. The system selected will depend on the nature of the underlying ceiling which is fitted to the floor, and the joist centres.

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Siderise Curtain Walling

‘Certifire’ approved SIDERISE CW-FS perimeter barrier and firestop systems offer an extensive range of solutions for fire stop, smoke stop and sound barrier requirements in all curtain wall and architectural cladding panel applications. Based on the experience gained through being the premier supplier to the UK and Ireland facade market, the products represent an unrivalled combination of fully qualified performance, practical installation and service benefits.

The primary function of the CW system is to maintain continuity of fire resistance by sealing the void between the compartment floors or walls and the external curtain wall both horizontally and vertically. Siderise Perimeter Barriers & Firestops for Curtain Walling was previously known as Lamatherm CW-FS cavity barriers & firestops for curtain walling.

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Polyseam batts

Polyseam Batts are designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through openings in fire rated walls and floors where openings are formed to allow the installation of multiple building services. Polyseam Batts will also maintain the acoustic designed performance in fire rated walls and floors.

Polyseam Batts consists of a high density, stone wool core which is over-coated with a FR Coating. The top coating provides additional protection by significantly reducing the permeability of the stone wool core and prevents the passage of hot gases, thus reducing the temperature rise on the unexposed side and reducing heat conduction through the building services.

Polyseam Batts are available with an FR coating on one or two sides, selected based on installation considerations and fire resistance. On site, FR Board must be used together with FR Acrylic for sealing around building services and the surrounding construction.

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