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Noise Control

Noise control at ISOPARTNER Ireland

When it comes to supplying technical assistance and a comprehensive range of products to solve the many noise related problems encountered in the construction industry ISOPARTNER Ireland has the answers.

These include the control of impact and airborne noise of walls and floors as well as flanking noise in apartments, hotels, domestic housing, industrial and manufacturing concerns as well as specialist noise control measures required in recording studios, cinemas, community halls and H&V plant rooms.

Our years of experience enable us to offer expert solutions to architects, engineers, designers and contractors for these and many more noise related applications.

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SonoTube is a sound insulating product that consists of a glass wool pipe section and a flexible halogen mass layer free of PVC. The EPDM mass layer has an aluminium top layer. SonoTube is easy to install by placing the pipe section over the pipe with the horizontal seam pointing downwards. The horizontal seam can be sealed using the self-adhesive overlap attached to the pipe section. The vertical seams must be taped up using aluminium tape. The pipe sections can easily be cut to size using a Stanley knife.

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Siderise CW-AB

SIDERISE CW-AB acoustic upgrades for curtain walling consist of a flexible acoustic composite for use as a mass overlay within curtain walling to form a high-performance sound barrier.

It represents a simple solution to the problem of improving ‘floor-to-floor’ acoustic performance when used in conjunction with SIDERISE perimeter barriers & fire stops for curtain walling.

SIDERISE AB is extremely quick and easy to install and is suitable for improving sound performance within all curtain walling environments. As the product is flexible and thin it is ideal for curtain wall application as, unlike rigid boards or partitions, SIDERISE AB is designed to accommodate facade deflection.

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