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ISOPARTNER supplier of Industrial and H&V insulation products

ISOPARTNER supplies a comprehensive range of Industrial and H&V insulation products

With over 40 years’ experience our technical department will offer expert advice to engineers and contractors on the most suitable specification for pipe and ductwork installations. Our extensive range of pipe and duct insulation products includes Rockwool, Glassfibre, Foamglas, Calcium Silicate, Armaflex Nitrile Rubber, Polyurethane, and Phenolic.

Along with the insulation products we offer a 'one stop shop' for the mechanical and insulation contractor with a range of adhesives, tapes, fixings, health & safety equipment etc.

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Isover ductwrap

Ductwrap is a thermal insulation blanket with noise reduction properties, ideal for wrapping around air conditioning ducts, for ventilation systems, refrigeration equipment, ribbed ductwork, building applications such as walls, ceilings, attics, eaves and more.

It is made of high quality, non-combustible glass wool, coated with a reinforced film and bonded with an inert thermosetting resin binder. One side has a 100 mm overlapping flange for a neater appearance and a good seal. 

This compact fiberglass insulation with high insulation qualities and high density counteracts condensation. The reflective silver strip on the outside, braided in aluminum style offers high acoustic attenuation. 

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Rockwool Ductwrap/slab

ROCKWOOL Ductwrap and Ductslab offer thermal insulation for hot air, exhaust ducts, air conditioning, used in internal and external environments, as well as storage, food and expansion tanks.

Depending on the application, Ductwrap and Ductslab are available as a flexible roll or semi-rigid sheet. The products are recommended for piping for operating temperatures up to 230°C.

In addition to their thermal function, Ductwrap and Ductslab are a noncombustible and an acoustically absorbent insulation solution that is easy to install.

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ROCKWOOL Ductwrap en Ductslab

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