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High temperature insulation

High Temperature Insulation at ISOPARTNER

ISOPARTNER has extensive expertise in the delivery of durable technical insulation solutions for high-temperature insulation. Our products can be applied in the process industry as well as the ferrous/non-ferrous, ceramic, (petro-)chemical, energy, waste incineration or domestic appliances industries. 

These specialized insulation products are designed to perfectly withstand high temperatures. They ensure optimal process control and safety by insulating industrial installations such as high-pressure steam pipes, reactors, furnaces, ductwork and so on. Our high-temperature experts can guide you in choosing the right product for you.

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Paroc Pro Wired Mat_100

Paroc Wired Mats

Paroc Pro Wired Mats are made from non-combustible stone wool, with a galvanised wire mesh and sewing wire. They are also available with stainless steel wire, with or without stainless steel sewing wire.

The wired mats are mostly used for the insulation of cylindrical, conical or flat surfaces. Paroc stone wool products are capable of withstanding high temperatures, while the binder begins to evaporate at over 200C, the insulating properties remain unchanged but the compressive strength weakens, with softening of the stone wool occurring over 1000C.

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Superwool Plus

Superwool Plus blanket is manufactured from pure raw materials using a new manufacturing technology. In addition to enhanced thermal properties, large nuisance dust particles have been effectively eliminated making the product soft to the touch and less irritating during use.

Superwool Plus exhibits outstanding insulating properties at elevated temperatures. It also has excellent thermal stability and retains its original soft fibrous structure up to its maximum continuous use temperature. Superwool Plus blanket contains neither binder nor lubricant and does not emit any fumes or smell during the first firing. It's flexible, easy to cut and shape and easy to install.

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