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Morgan Thermal Ceramics manufacture high temperature, high performance thermal insulation materials for the industrial, construction, transport and consumer sectors. Superwool & Kaowool blankets & papers are used to protect equipment, people and reduce energy consumption in some of the most demanding environments worldwide. 

MORGAN Superwool Plus Blanket

Superwool Plus Blanket

Superwool Plus Blanket feature suprior thermal and physical qualities. Superior thermal and physical qualities can be found in Superwool Plus blankets. The patented low shot technology used to create Superwool Plus Blanket results in ultra low shot fibres that are easier to handle and effectively eliminate bothersome dust. The blankets are less harsh to use, flexible, and soft to the touch.

Superwool Plus Blanket has exceptional insulating properties at high temperatures. Up to the maximum continuous use temperature, these blankets maintain their original soft fibrous structure and exhibit excellent thermal stability.
Superwool Plus Blankets have high strength before and after heating, are needled on both sides, do not contain binder or lubricant, and do not release any fumes or smell during the initial firing.

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