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ISOPARTNER, your full-range insulation supplier

High-performance, efficient and tested reliable insulation made of modern materials and from renowned manufacturers make up an important part of ISOPARTNER Irelands offer. But that is not all. Of course, there are also the right tools, adhesives, cleaners, sealants and much more - after all, we see ourselves as a full-range supplier offering everything conveniently.

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Foil tape is commonly used to secure duct seams, connections, and joints. Additionally, it has excellent waterproof properties that protect against the ingress of the elements and harmful chemicals.

ID tapes are commonly used to identify pipes, drain valves, ducting and flange joints internally in a system. All pipe tape is supplied in 33 metre rolls, widths vary.
Foam tapes are ideally suited for sound dampening; insulating; gasketing; padding; sealing and are designed to enhance the appearance and improve the overall performance of your system.

Soft PVC tape for bonding insulating foils (e.g. Isogenopak, Zeston), insulating shells and sleeves. The PVC tapes can be used for insulation, protection, bundling, maintenance, colour coding and many other applications. 

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Adhesives & Sealants

We stock many adhesives, like Foster 81-33; Armaflex adhesive & Temati Spraystick. Theses are commonly used adhesives for fixing of thermal insulation to other structural materials such as iron, steel & aluminium.

Foster 30-45 FOAMSEAL is used to seal insulation against the ingress of moisture into the insulation surface, where it has been penetrated by structural parts.

We stock Protecta FR mastics, for use with fire protective boards, to prevent smoke ingress via service penetrations or along the edge of the board itself.

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What use is insulation if it can’t be fixed? At ISOPARTNER we stock an array of various fixings to install insulation products correctly. We have a range galvanised or stainless steel fixing brackets for slabs. We have lacing wires for wired mats. Plastic and metal rivets & pins for various other fixings.

We have a range of sheet metal screws, pigtail screws & metal fasteners. We also stock a range of staples.

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We have a range of tools that are needed to install various insulation types. We stock safeblades, Armacell knives, rivet guns, snips, mastic guns.

We stock a range of brushes used alongside adhesives & sealants. Finally, we have yardsticks for measuring. 

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