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Rockwool, a world leading brand in insulation solutions

Rockwool is the world leading brand of Rock Fibre products for building insulation, fire protection and technical insulation solutions.  ISOPARTNER offer the full range of Rockwool products such as Rollbatt, ProRox Slabs, Wired Mats, Rockwool Flexi, TCB’s, Rainscreen, Fire Barrier and Fire Duct Slabs.  Our technical team for fire protection products can offer specific solutions with the Rockwool range of products to fire stopping contractors and architects.

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ProRox Slabs

ProRox Slabs are stone wool rigid slabs that come in a variety of densities and thicknesses.  They are versatile and have multiple applications when used to insulate for thermal performance such as use on vessels, walls, industrial tanks, etc. They also have use for noise controls and certain passive fire protection applications.

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Rainscreen Duo Slab

Rainscreen Duo Slab is a dual-density insulation specifically developed for use within ventilated cladding systems, as well as sealed systems such as curtain walling. once installed, the robust outer surface of the slabs, in combination with a factory applied water repelling agent, acts to resist rain ingress during construction.

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Rockwool Flexi

Rockwool Flexi is a unique, flexi-edged insulation product, specifically developed using patented technology for a fast and easy, perfect friction fit between timber and metal frame systems. They ensure essential tight fitting for thermal and acoustic integrity between frames in walls, partitions, floors and roofs, without the need for cutting or waste. Made from renewable volcanic rock, they are extremely fire resistant and significantly reduce the carbon footprint of a building.

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Rockwool Rollbatt

Simplicity and convenience rolled into one. While thermal insulation is the primary driver of the insulation, reducing external sound transfer and improving fire protection are increasingly emerging as considerations for homeowners. As an all-round high specification option for thermal, acoustic and fire performance, Rockwool Rollbatt is the ideal insulation solution for all building types.

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