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Tailor Made insulation solutions to OEM market

Our manufacturing division is Ireland's premier supplier of bespoke insulation solutions. We supply tailor made insulation products to industry and the entire O.E.M (Original Equipment Manufacturers) market. 

We offer custom made insulation kits for all types of applications reducing the customer's need to stock unfinished insulation raw materials and thereby reduce any possible health & safety issues and with our 'just-in-time' scheduled delivery service the customer has reduced stock levels.

From low temperature insulation applications of -240C to highs of +1300C we supply specialist OEM cut insulation systems, profiled roofing insulation, fire rated mortar and barrier systems, noise control absorbers and numerous composite insulation systems.

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Insulated pipe supports

Insulated pipe supports are used to support the weight of the pipe and simultaneously maintain the thermal performance of the system. This allows for a continuous vapor barrier throughout the system. Uninsulated pipe supports can cause expansion and contraction in the pipe supports increasing maintenance costs and potentially causing damage. Where pipework is located externally, the use of insulated pipe support inserts also allows for cladding to be carried continually through the support system, enhancing the weather protection of the overall pipework system.

ISOPARTNER Technical Insulation Solutions has created the INSUL-PHEN Phenolic Foam series, a collection of closed-cell insulation products aimed at attaining peak thermal insulation efficacy.

Within the INSUL-PHEN Phenolic Pipe Sections and Pipe Supports range, a variety of densities ranging from 40 kg/m3 to 120 kg/m3 are offered. The growing emphasis on energy conservation is propelling the construction sector towards elevated benchmarks in thermal insulation. Notably, INSUL-PHEN 40 kg/m3 stands out for its exceptional thermal insulation capability, boasting an aged thermal conductivity of 0.025 W/mK.

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Thermal Covers

Our ISOPARTNER Department Thermal Covers are producing custom-made removable insulation covers. These provide protection for personnel and are energy-saving. ISOPARTNER can provide facility managers and engineers with thermal imaging analyses that indicate areas of severe heat loss or potential fire hazard to personnel. 

Our manufactured range of removable insulation covers can be manufactured for indoor and outdoor environments and includes high specification covers for the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, IT, medical and petrochemical industries.

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