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Process Industry

Tailored insulation solutions for the Process Industry

The processing industry can be divided into the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and food industries, which require similar but ultimately unique solutions.

One of ISOPARTNER's strengths is that it offers solutions tailored to your needs. We also help you with solutions that go beyond your needs, for example minimising energy consumption, which is very important for a healthy balance sheet.

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Paroc Pro Section

Paroc process pipe sections are concentric, dimensionally accurate stone wool pipe sections for use in the insulation of industrial pipelines. These sections are used for significantly higher maximum service temperatures than is typically found in regular HVAC equipment, up to 640°C.

The density of these section is available in either 100kg/m3 or 140kg/m3, giving excellent compressive strength and can easily carry the weight of the metal cladding. They eliminate the energy loss and thermal bridges caused by added support structures and minimises the damage caused by mechanical impact.
Reaction to fire, Euroclass A1, according to EN14303:2009+A1:2013 (EN13501-1).

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Tank Jackets

During the manufacture and processing of the insulation system, it must be ensured that no contaminants or particles enter the food through the insulation. These include dust, fibers, bacteria and volatile organic chemicals. Furthermore, all surfaces must be easy to clean.

This also applies to exposed surfaces of the insulation material. They must not absorb water or cleaning agents, and the material should not react with chemicals. Our tank jackets are tailor made thermal insulation covers which protect silo contents against mold and bacteria growth.

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