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Discover the full range of Armacell products offered by ISOPARTNER

ISOPARTNER are the agents for Armacell in Ireland, offering the full range of Armacell products. Armacell have a range of nitrile products for pipes and ducts that insulate for thermal, fire and noise applications. As the inventors of flexible foam for equipment insulation and a leading provider of engineered foams, Armacell develops innovative and safe thermal, acoustic and mechanical solutions that create sustainable value for its customers.



Innovative and safe thermal, acoustic and mechanical solutions

Armacell is the market leading brand that we have worked with for over 30 years. Armacell Class O products have built-in Microban antimicrobial protection to reduce mould and bacteria growth and the Armaflex Class O products are also FM approved.

In addition to the supply of their wide product range, ISOPARTNER can offer training in the installation of Armacell products and provide support & technical back u for the complete range of products.

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Class O Tube & Sheeting

The Flexible & Sustainable Insulation System For Energy Efficiency & Condensation Control - Trusted For Over 40 Years.  Armaflex Class O tube & sheet is a closed cell material that has a built in water vapour barrier reducing the risk of corrosion under insulation (CUI). It is FM and UL approved and has built-in Microban antimicrobial protection which reduces mould and bacteria growth. The product is also available in handy self-seal tube format to speed up install times.

Armaflex Class O tube & sheet is an insulation & protection to control condensation, reduce energy loss and protect against frost on pipes, air ducts, vessels (incl. elbows, fittings, flanges etc). Suitable for hot and cold water services, chilled water lines, heating systems, air conditioning ductwork and refrigerated pipework.


HT Armaflex

The Flexible Insulation for High Temperature Applications. The product has a High degree of stability for a wide temperature range. It is UV resistant and able to withstand typical weathering effects and has a built-in vapour barrier to reduce the risk of corrosion under insulation (CUI).  Suitable for use outdoors it retains its physical characteristics throughout service life and reduces energy losses with a low thermal conductivity.

Armaflex Tuffcoat

A Flexible Armaflex Insulation with outer covering to withstand mechanical impact in order to provide protection against mechanical damage.  It can be used on underground pipework, including mains cold water and ground source heat pump pipes and is washdown waterproof and easy to clean. It has a built-in vapour barrier that prevents condensation and is UV resistant reducing energy losses with a low thermal conductivity.  Armaflex Tuffcoat also has Microban antimicrobial protection.

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