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Training at ISOPARTNER

The importance of training at ISOPARTNER

Isopartner values the professional competence and skills of its customers and aims to further increase the competence of its customers. For many years, we have provided training courses and courses in the fields of cellular rubber insulation, fire insulation and passive fire protection, among others, through ourselves and our partners. 

Dates for future courses offered will be announced on an ongoing basis.



Armacell installation training

Through our supplier Armacell we can offer courses in cellular rubber installation for insulation installers. The course and training is part of Armacell's certification programme and consists of both a practical and a theoretical part in a total of four levels. The course participants' work is checked and approved by the course leader. At the end of each successful course, a training certificate is obtained with a note on each completed and approved training course by Armacell's installation expert.

Except from the installation courses we provide supported technical back up for the complete range of Armacell products.

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Tailored training programs

ISOPARTNER also runs regular training courses  for customers in relation to the foregoing, and can devise tailored training programs for specific industry areas if requested.

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