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Temati Group is an international supplier of technical protection and ancillary products used in industrial and commercial insulation industry. Temati supply technical high-quality materials with proven track records. Temati’s product portfolio is a mix of in-house manufactured products, exclusively distributed products and other specialist materials.

Temati is exclusive distributor of H.B. Fuller for Foster® and Childers® products in Europe, Russia, the Caspian Region and North Africa. We intensively cooperate with trusted international manufacturers to develop new and improved products. These are specially designed to meet customers’ needs and technical requirements. Temati Group, an ISO-9001 certified company with the head office in the Netherlands, was established in 1962.

Temati is a Dutch company in the IPCOM group.


Foster 30-45

Foster Foamseal Sealant 30-45 is a grey vapour barrier sealant made for use with rigid thermal insulation, including polystyrene foam. With repeated cycles of high and low temperatures, it maintains its flexibility and toughness in joints and does not shrink or crack. Cellular glass and other insulation joints can be sealed with Foamseal sealant to prevent moisture intrusion.

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Foster 57-73

Foster Heat Resistant Coating 57-73 for use on stainless steel piping and equipment is made to prevent stress corrosion cracking brought on by the pressure of soluble chlorides in thermal insulations and surrounding atmospheres.

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Temati Foster 57-73