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How fire resistant is stone wool?

How fire resistant is stone wool? Not a question that a layman would ponder but a question a fire engineer certainly would. Thankfully for us here at ISOPARTNER, Rockwool have answered this question for us, saving us a considerable amount of work.

All Rockwools products have considerable fire resistance & their speciality passive fire protection products go the extra mile to ensure the greatest safety for its users. These items close the gaps between areas where fire, smoke & hot gas can spread through.

Rockwools SP FIRESTOP Slab

Check out Rockwools SP FIRESTOP Slab that has a fire resistance of up to 2 hours. The SP FIRESTOP Slab has been specifically designed to form cavity fire stops within buildings.

There are many other Rockwool products available to view on our website that can be used in conjunction with this.

If you have any queries about our firestopping range from Rockwool, please contact fire@isopartner.ie and we will be glad to help you.