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Bostik W110 Acoustic Wrap back in stock

Bostik W110 Acoustic Wrap

The Bostik W110 Thermal Acoustic Wrap comes in a convenient and lightweight roll, featuring a self-adhesive membrane. Specifically crafted for plastic rainwater and soil pipes, as well as HVAC ducting with temperatures not surpassing +90°C, this product offers an installation speed that is 20% faster compared to conventional acoustic insulation options.

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Advantages of the Bostik W110 Thermal Acoustic Wrap

Bostik W110 creates an immediate bond around pipework due to its self-adhesive nature, eliminating the need for additional banding. With a slim profile of just 4mm, it is suitable for confined spaces, optimizing site utilization.

Comprising a thermal acoustic layer sandwiched between two high-performance pressure-sensitive butyl layers and featuring an aluminum finish, Bostik W110 undergoes independent fire and acoustic testing to guarantee superior product performance.

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