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Bostik Training Session

Bostik smart training on the move

In November ISOPARTNER hosted Bostik at our Dublin office & stores for another training event.

They had a very impressive setup in the back of their van, complete with a very well-versed Jon.

It was a very informative event, highlighting some useful tapes, adhesives & accessories that are relevant to the construction industry. 

We'd like to thank Andrew, Peter & Jon for taking the time to expand our knowledge on Bostiks offering. 

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Bostik Sealing and Adhesives

Bostik has a rich history in adhesive and sealant technologies, coupled with comprehensive in-house proficiency in the adhesion and sealing of an extensive array of materials. Our expansive range of construction solutions from Bostik has played a big role in the construction and refurbishment of globally renowned structures, landmarks, and attractions.

These products are strategically employed to prepare, bond, seal, protect, and excel under the most challenging conditions.

In our commitment to providing optimal support to our customers, we consistently invest in training programs facilitated by our key partners. This strategic approach ensures that we remain well-versed in the latest industry developments, enabling us to offer informed and tailored advice and deliver the most effective solutions for our customers.

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