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Armacell’s Regional Training Programme in Dublin

ISOPARTNER has facilitated Armacell’s Regional Training Programme this week in Dublin. By sharing their international experience locally, Armacell can ensure standardised installation of their products across all markets.

Armacell’s Regional Training Programme at ISOPARTNER Ireland

Armacell’s certification programme

The training was led by Jason Jeenes from Armacell who took a hands on approach with each of the participants. The course and training is part of Armacell’s certification programme and consists of both the practical and theoretical part in a total of four levels.

Armacell has found that the additional skills gained on this course leads to efficiencies in labour costs on site. ISOPARTNER has a long standing relationship with Armacell in offering solutions to insulation contractors with product knowledge and training and looks forward to rolling our further training in the coming months.

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Armacell’s certification programme_ISOPARTNER Ireland
Armacell’s training programme_ISOPARTNER Ireland
Armacell’s programme_
Armacell’s certification programme_training