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Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation at ISOPARTNER Ireland

ISOPARTNER offers thermal insulation for use with temperatures between approximately -200 ° C in the field of cryogenics, thermal insulation for temperatures up to 700 ° C but also high temperature solutions up to + 2300 ° C.

Armacell - AF Armaflex

Thermal insulation reduces energy usage

Maintaining acceptable temperatures in buildings uses a large amount of energy. Thermal insulation reduces energy consumption and keeps costs to a minimum. The objective in winter is to keep the heat in the building and it’s the inverse during the summer. 

Problems such as overheated processing pipes, hot spots and waste energy due to the entry of cold air are largely solved by custom systems.

We have products, solutions and systems that meet your individual requirements in your project.

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Isover pipe sections

CLIMPIPE profiles can be used for the thermal and acoustic insulation of pipes. They are strong, robust, non-combustable and consist of pre-formed snap-on sections with a reinforced aluminium foil facing and self adhesive overlap to ensure a strong vapour barier. 

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AF/ArmaFlex Class O

ArmaFlex Class O is the professional insulation for continuous and reliable condensation control. The product is easy to install thanks to its pre-cut longitudinal slit. In addition to this, no vapor barrier is required, thanks to its unique, closed microcell structure. The risk of corrosion under the insulation is reduced, as well as moisture penetration and long-term energy loss, due to the combination of extremely high resistance to water vapor transmission and very low thermal conductivity.

The product is particularly suitable for use in process industries and public buildings due to its excellent fire performance and built-in Microban® antimicrobial properties.

Armacell have a solution for many applications, including fire sleeves, adhesives and pipe supports that round off the product family, offering a solution for all areas.

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