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Cellular glass insulation 

Foamglas® cellular glass insulation is manufactured by Pittsburgh Corning, which is a subsidiary of  Owens Corning. This insulation based on recycled cellular glass is a very versatile and efficient product. Suitable for construction and industrial applications. 

The material consists of millions of hermetically sealed glass cells and is pressure-resistant, non-flammable and offers long-term thermal performance. Foamglas® is the only insulation material that is in no way affected by moisture.


Pipe insulation

FOAMGLAS® pipe insulation is fast-mounted insulation with high-class insulation properties. The system is intended for all types of industrial installations. The system consists of prefabricated pipe bowls for straight pipes as well as details such as bends and T-pieces.  

Temperature range: Between -265⁰C and +430⁰C