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IPCOM - Strong brand for insulation in Europe

The IPCOM Group, headquartered in Belgium, is a fast-growing group of companies with a focus on insulation. It consists of over 20 companies that develop, manufacture or distribute products and system solutions related to thermal insulation, passive fire protection and soundproofing. Its customers include tradesmen and international construction companies, wholesalers and OEMs in a wide range of industries and markets in many European countries.


IPCOM in figures

IPCOM was founded in 2010 in Belgium as a joint initiative of Waterland PE and Waeyaert-Vermeersch Insulation. IPCOM quickly became the market leader in building and technical insulation in Belgium. Today, IPCOM employs more than 1,300 people and delivers its solutions through a network of more than 70 outlets in 16 European countries.

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